Saturday, April 11th, come help us welcome spring with some BBQ and a fun interactive drive. First up at 11:15, we'll have lunch and then a short meeting at Dreamland BBQ. The address is 10730 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, GA 30076. Combining the meeting with a run is a relatively new format for us; an overwhelming result of the survey we took last December. Members are encouraged to attend the lunch Natter 'n Noggin. We'll be discussing upcoming events, club business, and the 2015 GOF, "Peace, Love, & MG."

After the meeting, we will start our engines!!! If you attended Judy and Joe's last run, you know that those two can definitely keep us entertained! Bring a pen and something to write on. We'll be heading from the restaurant out into the countryside. It's time to get those cars on the road for the driving season.

Feel free to join us for just the meeting or both the meeting and drive. Let's keep our fingers crossed for sunshine!

Hope to see you there.
 Judy Rogers
The Spring Safety Check Tech and Hippie Craft Session in March was a great success. It was nice to see a few faces that we hadn’t seen for a while, and the turnout was wonderful. We laughed. We ate. We made a huge mess. We ate some more. The ladies had an amazing time crafting peace signs and catching up.The signs are as individual as the ladies who created them. Just make sure you get to see these fabulous peace signs up close and personal in Macon.
Out in the garage, the guys talked cars. We’re pretty sure they talked about something related to MGs, but we have to be honest... we did see them wandering around John and Margo's backyard a bit.
We topped the afternoon off with a surprise celebration of our esteemed editor’s 87th birthday. Happy Birthday Don! Thanks go out to John and Margo for hosting us at their new home, and to Sam for taking the time to put together all of the great information for the tech session.
A Scavenger Hunt and Progressive Dinner, the Hare and Hound Rally, the Mystery Dinner, a Gourmet Picnic… these were just a few of the incredible events I participated in starting way back in 1976. I was 9. The events were always entertaining even when things went wrong as they’re apt to do with an MG. The Scavenger Hunt participants got lost. The “Hounds” started following the arrows for a marathon instead of the plops of flour left by the “Hares”. And the reality is that those are the priceless memories I have all of these years later.

Jump to 2015.  We want your SEMGTR membership to be valuable to you. We want to be the club with the “don’t miss” events that people will still be talking about years from now. So watch for a few of the above mentioned events this year. Even if they don’t always work out perfectly, that’s what makes them memorable. Just ask my mom, Laurie, this question when you see her next: “What happened with Wine, cheese, and olives on 1?”

And then make sure to renew. This year’s going to be a gas! Beth

It's time to get that car out of the garage and ready for the Spring driving season! Bring your MG and Sam will take you through a "safety check" to make sure you know what needs to be done to keep you safely on the road. If the weather doesn't cooperate, Sam will be demonstrating what to look for to do your own check.

We're also calling all of our creative members for a GOF Hippy Craft session. We have 12 peace signs that need a "hippy" touch! They can be painted, decorated, flowered, or anything else. We'll have supplies there, but if you have something you'd like to use, feel free to bring it along.

John and Margo have plenty of parking... let's make sure to fill it up!
6191 Lakeview Drive, Buford, Ga. 30518

We had a fantastic turnout for the "It's Too Cold To Drive" event! Thanks go out to Sam and Ginger for offering up their home, and Geoff for entertaining us with the Table Top Rally. The evening kicked off with the Soup part of the Cook Off. The competition was stiff. We tasted Vinnie's Cioppino, Pat's Tomato Vegetable, Cindy's Chicken Corn Chowder, Beth's Chicken Matzo Ball, Harriet's Spring Pea, and Ginger's Italian Wedding Soup. If we thought choosing just one was tough with the soups, once we began tasting pies, the voting became impossible! We began the sweet task of sampling pies. First, and the lone entry in the Savory Pie Category, was Marilyn's delicious Italian Pie. Then the sweet pies: Janie's Carolina Cream, Maureen's Nutter Butter Peanut Butter, Tara's Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Elvis, Pat's Coconut Cream, Ginger's Cherry, Margo's Pecan, and Christine's Lemon Meringue. We certainly have some cooking and baking talent in this club! The votes were cast and the winners were announced. In the Soup category, Cindy's Chicken Corn Chowder. In the Savory Pie category, Marilyn's Italian Pie. In the Sweet Pie category, Maureen's Nutter Butter Pie.
After the delicious challenge of the Cook Off, we moved on to hold a quick meeting. With business all settled, Geoff took over the event with the Table Top Rally. In the words of my niece, Tara, it was "awesome." Folks divided into teams and were given maps. They had to use the roads to find their way to the designated endpoint. Along the way, they had to figure out answers to some challenging questions. For the better part of an hour, everywhere we looked were teams with their heads huddled together over little maps of the English countryside. A wonderful time was had by all!
Believe it or not, it’s already been a busy year for your board members. We’ve been surveying events, attending Tech / Shopping sessions, and holding our first 2015 board meeting. I’m happy to say we’re moving in a fantastic direction.

We found out two main things from the event survey. First, our members want short, 1/2 day runs most of all. Second, meetings combined with events are much preferred over separate meeting days. You’ll see those results reflected in our 2015 calendar. We’re excited about it. We hope you will be too.

In January, Scott Sewell and the folks at the Peachtree MG Registry hosted a great Tech Session at Bob Wagner Motorsports. It takes a lot of work for members to host events, and we’d like to thank Scott for everything he does for the club. Our next Tech Session will be a “Spring Safety Check” on March 14th at John and Margo’s. Make sure to bring your MG.

I’d like to thank both the 2014 and 2015 Boards for their service. Although the board is all volunteer, there’s still quite a bit of work involved. We appreciate their dedication to the club. After a lively January board meeting, we can all agree that our goal is a better, more exciting club.

That said, it’s time to get that renewal in to our Treasurer, Ginger. You can find the information on our website at Once you send in your dues, we’ll email you a 2015 calendar with all of the Club Sponsored Events conveniently listed on a single page. Don’t be surprised if you see peace signs and tie dye on it!

It’s turning out to be a groovy year, Beth
Happy 2015!  As a newly elected treasurer this year I will be doing my best to keep the club financially correct. Of course, this will be with Bill Dinzole’s guidance and his many years of experience as treasurer.

As you may have heard, over the next 12 months we’re going to focus on creating a better, more exciting club. You’ll be seeing some very positive changes inspired by many of our members. We’ve also had to take a hard look at some of our club costs and make a tough decision. When we made the decision 3 years ago to switch to an email version of the award winning MG Talk, we made exceptions for our members who preferred a paper copy. Due to the rising printing, paper, and postage prices, the printed mailing of our newsletter is costing the club over twice as much as we’re collecting from the members receiving it. While we would like to be able to accommodate everyone, the club simply can’t afford to continue to operate at a loss. We will be contacting all of our members who still receive a paper copy of the newsletter. At that time, please update your email address with Andria. For our long term members who do not utilize email, we will work hard to make alternate arrangements. We appreciate your understanding of what has been a difficult decision. As we focus on the future, 2015 brings a fantastic line up of events, shows, and tech sessions. We hope you’ll take advantage of your SEMGTR club membership and make plans to attend one of the upcoming events.

We are looking forward to a fun year.  Make sure you mark your calendars for some or all of the events coming up.  Driving, socializing, and our GOF.

We're happy to say that plans are in full swing for the most groovy event of the year! Tomorrow, we should be finalizing some key details to make this event totally outa sight.

So why should you care? Once we have the details set, we can post the registration form, which means you and your MG can finally register. Think Music + Hippy + MG = Far Out!

Join us February 7th for a fantastic 3 part event!

First, The Table Top Rally
  • We’re staying in out of the cold, so Geoff Kent has graciously offered to provide us a little indoor entertainment via “The Table Top Rally.” Geoff will provide the clues and the maps, which would be 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey maps of the Oxford/Abingdon area, where the MG was made. He’ll also provide instructions on how to read the map, which is large scale and detailed, then let us loose on the 'rally'.
Second, The Soup and Pie Cook Off
  • Our Groundhog Day Chili Cook Off was such a hit we’ve decided to try another competition. We're doing a Soup and Pie Cook Off. We’ll award prizes for the best Soup AND the best Pie, either savory or sweet. Feel free to bring one or both to enter. The club will provide the drinks.
Third, The February Natter n Noggin
  • The February Natter n Noggin will be short and sweet and take place during the party.
Here's the link to the evite invitation: Event Invitation