Sunday, June 22 at 5:00 PM
Aldo's Italian Restaurant
6690 Roswell Rd NE Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Saturday, July 19th.
Park at 9:30 am, private tour begins at 10:00

ATTENTION: This event has special requirements. Please take note!

15 of our vintage MG's will have the opportunity to park in the circle and be on display in front of the High Museum while we are touring the Dream Cars exhibit. In order for your car to do this, YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING:  

  • FIRST - If you want to see the exhibit at half price ($10.00 person) you must send the $10.00 per person entrance fee to Pat and Geoff Kent no later than June 28th.
  • SECOND - If you want to have your MG on display, there are 15 spaces available. Pat MUST HAVE a copy of your MGs insurance card and the $10.00 per car parking fee, no later than June 28. This opportunity will be on a first come basis. We have 15 spots available for the circle in front of the High Museum with a sign noting our cars are from the SEMGT Registry and a sign pointing to our cars from the High Museum.  
  • THIRD - send your checks made payable to the SEMGTR and include a copy of your antique car insurance card, along with the number of people in attendance. If your car is not running or you do not want to drive your car please note that payment is for the entrance fee only.  Mail your non refundable check for your entrance fee and/or parking to SEMGTR and send  to:
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Kent
2532 Flair Knoll DRIVE NE  
Atlanta, GA 30345-1617
(Please note: You need to spell out DRIVE for there is a Flair Knoll Court with the same house number)

Contact numbers for Pat and Geoff are home 404-634-3477 cell 404-226-1631
If we have over 15 antique cars in attendance or cars not of the MG or ACE variety, we will park them in the parking deck of the High, same $10 parking fee. Geoff and I hope you will join us in seeing this Dream Car Exhibit at half price and are excited to show off our cars in front of the High!  After the first of July when a head and car count are known, check your email for additional information on parking.
See you there!
Saturday, June 7 at 9:30
248 Oakland Ave, SE. Atlanta, GA 30312
We're heading to Historic Oakland Cemetery to take the tour and then on to lunch. This is the oldest cemetery in Atlanta and has many famous "residents".
The best way to find the entrance is to get to the SW end of the cemetery on Memorial Drive. Turn onto Oakland Ave and look for a small cemetery road that goes into the park. There is no entrance fee for the cemetery, but the tour we're taking costs $10 person.
You can park inside the cemetery or in the lot just outside the main gate. Tom recommends parking near the visitor center inside the park. If you park inside the cemetery just pull your vehicle off to the right of any asphalt-paved roadway, with enough space for other cars to pass.
We will gather just outside the visitors center at 9:30 and take a guided tour at 10:00am sharp.
We have made lunch arrangements at Six Feet Under across the street from the cemetery, so we'll head over after the tour.
We have two groups looking to form for the drive to the cemetery:
  • Anyone interested in meeting somewhere on 141 to head down mostly back roads call Ginger @ 864-616-9655.
  • Anyone interested in leading from Woodstock, call Judy at 404-226-4399.After the tour, we'll head to lunch. 
See you there!
SEMGTR - Tom and Cindy
Some of the board members made a visit to a British theme pub in May which is about 4 miles from Aldo's where we have been meeting. Aldo's, does not open until 5:30 on Sunday. This presents a problem in the winter months for those of us who don't like to drive our MGs in the dark if not needed. (Even though we have talked about LED lights, these cars are still hard to see in the dark.)
The pub did not have a private room as we were led to believe and was fairly noisy with a very small crowd.
I'd like some input as to where you would like to have our regular meetings. I'd like to know if you have any general area you would like, and also any particular restaurant you would suggest. Please email or call me, or any member of the board with your suggestions.
Our June Dinner meeting will be held at Aldo’s Restaurant on June 22. We will also have a board of directors meeting immediately before the general meeting.
Please join us our Oakland Cemetery Run on June 7th.

Safety Fast!
John Kreimer
Is it just MGs that bring us together? I think not.
Since I have become president I have had many more conversations with members of the club.    (This is my own fault for not doing this earlier as a general member.) I find in thoseconversationsthatweareaverydiversegroup. The first thing we have in common is a love of the MG (or in the case of Geoff & Pat, a love for the "stretch-MG", the AC). This is the common thread that brings us together. After talking to some of the members, I realize that we may have many other things in common that we don't know about unlesswetalktoeachother. Inourclub,wehavedoctors, lawyers, pharmacists, designers, musicians, salespeople, skilled craftsmen, computer experts, accountants, court reporters, engineers (the slide rule kind) -- oh, wait, even the locomotive kind. I'm sure there are many others that I haven't recognized.
I found out at a recent gathering that one of our members loved jazz. Being that in one of my "previous lives" I was a jazz musician, I wish I had know that earlier so we could have enjoyed that common bond together as well as our love for MGs.
NAMGAR has a saying, "While it's the cars that bring us together, it's the people who bring us back." I hope to see everyone    at    British    Motorcar    Day    on    SUNDA Y ,    May    4th    in Roswell.
Gwen & Dean Maddock will be hosting a "tea" on the 10th, then Geoff and Pat Kent will be taking us on a tour on the 17th.    "Drive your British Car Week" is at the end of the month.    Busy month, indeed!
Safety    Fast!    John Kreimer
Our May 17th run has a railroad theme, following the tracks from Stone Mountain to Conyers, where we shall visit the North Georgia Live Steamers.
Meet at 9.30am at the public car park at Stone Mountain, the one with the gazebo by the tracks at West Mountain and Main Streets.
We shall set off at 10 am, roughly following the tracks to Social Circle, for lunch at the Blue Willow Inn. Suitably replete, we shall head west to the site of the North Georgia Live Steamers who will be 'In Steam' that afternoon, and who are located near the Georgia Horse Park. We may then return home independently or as a group.
Come and join us.
Geoff Kent
404-210-1158 .
Saturday, May 10 at 4:00pm
Dean and Gwenn are putting up a tent and throwing an English Garden Party! Gwenn is planning to wow us with a light supper, although she does say that "the chefs are limited in experience to true British Menus --- but come and enjoy the food and the flowers." Here's hoping that the flower bloom time cooperates! They do need to know who's coming so they can prepare accordingly, so please comment with the name and number of guests if you plan to attend.
1245 Longwood Drive, Marietta, GA 30008
Don't miss British Motor Car Day coming up on Sunday, May 4th. Last year, this huge show moved from way up in North Georgia to Roswell, so this is the place to be if you want to see large quantities of British cars! You can get all of the information and print the registration form by clicking the button on the right side of this website. Bring your car, your chairs, and a lunch type food item to share. We'll be setting up a tent to show off our T club spirit and providing a lively "British Car Logo Scavenger Hunt" for your entertainment! Please let us know if you plan to come and an idea of what you plan to bring. We'll see you there!
Sunday, April 6 at 5:00 PM
Aldo's Italian Restaurant
6690 Roswell Rd NE Sandy Springs, GA 30328