It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to a legend. Our axis may be just a bit tilted as we adjust to a world without our faithful registrar and editor, Don Harmer. There are no words to describe the void that his passing will leave. We can only remember the incredible passion that he maintained. The love that he had for this club, and the endless energy he devoted are a testament to the man he was. Our hearts are with his family as they deal with this tremendous loss.

Let’s raise a glass of Merlot in thoughtful reverence.

Don, you will be missed.

For those who wish to pay their respects, visitation has been scheduled for September 19 from 4:00-8:00. The service will be held September 20 at 3:00 pm. There will be a reception to follow. The family would like for everyone to drive their MG to the service Sunday.  They have arranged for  special parking.  H.M. Patterson & Son-Oglethorpe Hill Chapel.
Saturday, September 12 - 9:30am
Come join us for a heck of a good time! Participants are to meet at the Shell Gas Station located at 4261 Bells Ferry Road, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144 at 9:30 am. The Shell station is located off of I-575,  Exit 4. At this point each car/driver will be given a map and one of five playing cards that they will receive along the route. The group will leave the Shell Station, lead by Jim Mercure  no later than 10:00 am.  There will be three scheduled pit stops, approximately 45 minutes between stop. At each stop you will receive another playing card. The final stop will be at the “Mountain Creek Hollow” entrance at which time you will receive the fifth playing card. From here we will proceed to the Covered Bridge where we will park our British treasures and walk about 100 feet to the creek side Common Use Area  covered pavilion. Janie and some helpers will have the grill going to prepare hot dogs or hamburgers for lunch.  The common area  has plenty of seating and a restroom. After lunch we will check for the highest card hand and will give a prize to the 1st,2nd and 3rd high hands. All you need to bring is yourself, your car and a smiling face.  
Please respond to the evite or call to let us know if you are coming. We need a count for how many people to prepare for.
Jim & Janie   
We'll also have a PUP (pick up point) in Alpharetta for those who would like to caravan to the starting point. Please meet at 8:45 in the Parking area at Whole Foods at Avalon to join the caravan over to Kennesaw. Let Beth know if you plan to meet there.

SEMGTR - Jim & Janie

September and October… the perfect driving weather; the reason that there are so many events packed into these two months. This month, you have choices. I encourage you to pick something and get your car on the road. If your pleasure is car shows, head on over to the British Car Fayre or the Fall Classic Drive In. If you crave the wind in your hair and your tires on the road, join us for Jim and Janie’s Mountain Poker Rally and Picnic. And for those who love both, register for the SE Fall GOF “Peace, Love, & MG” and Chattanooga’s “Go Where No Car Has Gone Before."

Events are always more fun with lots of camaraderie and so is our club. What will it take to get you involved? We have a fantastic core group of members, but we need to see some new faces. What do you think we should do to attract more members? If you haven’t attended an event for a while, what would make you want to engage and come join us? Lastly, why are you a member of the SEMGTR? I’d like to hear from you. Please email me at president@semgtr.org and let me know.

I hope to see you in September, Beth

Saturday, August 15th - 10:30
Meet at Streetside Classics
213 Thornton Road Lithia Springs, GA 30122

We're very excited to have a newer member planning and hosting our August event. Events take quite a bit to plan, so lets make sure to attend and show George how much we appreciate his efforts!

We will visit two very interesting places:
Starting with Streetside Classics at 10:30, parking for our group is going to be set-up behind the buildings so just drive around to the back.  Streetside Classics has on display two warehouses full Classic cars from "Duzies to Packard's, T-birds and every thing else, yes even a couple MGs.  They have over 200 cars to show you up close, ask questions, but remember "Do Not Touch".
Then about noon we will depart for Douglasville for lunch, the place will be decided while we are visiting Streetside.  I am thinking the Irish Pub or Hudson's BBQ.  Both restaurants are on the way to our second Gear Head location, which is Beck Development.
Chuck Beck owner of Beck Development will be our host and is quite an interesting fellow.  To give you a brief on Chuck; he was on Carol Shelby's pit crew back when Shelby ran Ford's racing division.  Chuck has participated in Sports Car racing world wide to include many LaMons.  Presently Chuck is producing replicas of past Porsche Race Cars, you will see his operation, and is actively racing his cars throughout the US.  We will see some of his replicas being built in his garage.  This should be quite interesting and Chuck's stories should be memorable.  As a side note Chuck has owned and rebuilt three ACs in his past, he still knows their numbers.
See you there, George

You’re an MG owner… act like it.
If you haven’t had your car on the road lately, WHY? Get that baby cranked up, throw the top down, and take a trip to the Ice Cream shop. These cars are meant to be driven, so get out there. We have a fantastic club with phenomenal events.
Participate. Socialize. Drive.

It’s time to reconnect,

August 9, 4:00-6:00
Panera Bread, Roswell
1195 Woodstock Road Roswell, GA 30075

2015 is flying by! The GOF is less than 3 months away, so it's time to get all of those final details in order.  Please join us at the August club meeting and GOF planning session. We'll be getting the volunteers all set, talking about what we still need, and making sure all of our bases are covered. In order to make this event as fantastic as the last GOF, we need all the help we can get! If you can't make the meeting but would like to help out, please email me at events@semgtr.org

See you there... Beth

PictureJudy and Joe nailed the the first event.
This has got to be the most fun event we do! In a nutshell, we set up an MG friendly obstacle / carnival game course. As the drivers used their skills to drive the course, the navigator took on carnival like tasks. Teams are scored on skill, not speed.

The first task was: from 20 feet the driver set the spacing of two poles by eye. Then he drives to the space he set between the poles. The distance between each fender and the pole is measured, winner has the smallest total distance between poles and fenders. Points off if you hit either pole

PicturePat & Geoff off roading!
The next task as to drive blindfolded thru a circuitous path defined by cones guided only by the navigator’s voice. Some managed this task without hitting a cone. Some brushed one or more cones, but stayed within the course. But one managed to miss the cone marked path, going outside the marker cone so far as to get off the tarmac into the grass. He later missed a turn and swung wide, again not hitting a cone but well outside it by the 1936 AC Ace’s width.

PictureDon & Scott serving up the hub cap
The next task involved the navigator picking up a TD hubcap with a slightly raised rim on which a golf ball is balanced from a table , then driving 50 feet and placing the assembly back on a second table, keeping the golf ball balanced on the rim of the hubcap. An almost impossible task of defying Newton’s Law on Moving Bodies and the inertia of the golf ball. Most failed this task at some point in the short trip.

PictureEllis and Marion at the ring toss
Next was the rope toss with the navigator tossing rope rings at a board with scoring numbered pegs

PicturePaul & Ginger in the Morgan
Next was a fast slalom thru cones, ending in a marked “garage”.From whence you must backup and turn around and dash to the finish line. Scott Sewell easily won this leg in Don Harmer’s super tuned TF 1500, leaving Don holding on to the crash handle for dear life to keep from being thrown out of the passenger’s seat

PicturePaul & Andria put together Sam's cool puzzle
The final test as to assemble an MG puzzle as fast as you can. Both the driver a the navigator participate ( with the navigator sometimes being a hindrance rather than an asset.)

While waiting to run the course or watching the others run we were plied it goodies, including this unique melon Perhaps it as grown in Abingdon or nearby.

After all had finished their tortuous ride, we abandoned the heat and smog and retired indoors at Sam Zingales place of business to a rush of cold air from his laboring air conditioner. We were then treated to a sumptuous barbecue lunch with real pulled pork and Georgia sweet tea. (See Scott Sewell for a detailed explanation on tea) Sam presented the awards for the Funkana to Scott Sewell & Don Harmer for their outstanding performance, in spite of the golf ball and to Geoff and Pat Kent for the worst, highlighted by their totally off course blindfold run.

-Don Harmer

The Great Southern Antique Car Rally -or- The Incredible Tale of a Trip Gone Wrong!

It was a beautiful sunny day. Until… a small plane crashed on I285 in Atlanta. Our small group of adventurers had just set out for a fun weekend in Cairo, GA when we hit gridlock traffic on Peachtree Industrial Blvd right under the I285 overpass. That should have been our first sign, but as intrepid MGers, we forged on. Once we made it through traffic, we had a lovely drive down south. As always, the folks in Cairo welcomed everyone with open arms and the evening was a success. We ate some delicious BBQ, got sugared up on vintage candy, (who knew Ellis had such a sweet tooth!) and enjoyed the gas light parade. After a full day, we headed the 15 miles back to our hotel to get some rest.
After a good nights sleep, we all met up in the lobby to head back to Cairo. Sam lead the group, with Bill behind and Ellis taking up the rear. All was going well. Until... I mentioned to Ellis that I thought I smelled gas. We thought I might just be imagining it, but disregarded that theory when we followed a trail of gasoline into the automotive store parking lot. Bill and Andria had sprung a leak. Luckily, it was totally fixable. Unluckily, that wasn’t the reason Sam had pulled into the auto store. His TD had begun acting up and he suspected bad plugs. He tweaked a few things, and off we went on the Poker Rally. Until… we went to leave the first stop and Sam’s car refused to start. We replaced the spark plugs and thought we were out of the woods, but within minutes it was obvious that spark plugs were not the problem. We limped along back to the car show and decided that maybe it was the ignition switch. After some impromptu consultations, we thought we could hot wire his car. Until… all of our helpers realized that Sam’s TD has been switched over to an electronic ignition and wired a little differently. We were afraid we’d fry his electrical system. He managed to get it running long enough to go back to the auto parts store and see if they might have a switch that would work. They did not. We tinkered with his switch to no avail. We tried to rent a trailer but the places were all closed. They finally called their son in law, Brit, to rent a trailer and drive down from Atlanta to pick them up. With a 4 hour wait in the works, they forcefully sent us on our way home. It was the saddest sight to pull away from Sam, Ginger, and their TD!
Apparently, during their stay at the auto store, they made all kinds of interesting friends. Brit arrived just as the mosquitoes were setting in and they loaded up the car. They were thankful to be on their way. Until… a few miles out of town “whack!” Would you believe they hit a deer? Ginger said they hit so hard it rolled along with them for a while. (sorry for the graphic detail) And they were in a BIG work truck. Dented the whole radiator. The rest of the trip, they had to stop about every 70 miles to fill it up. They made it home around 3:00 am. I think Brit deserves “son in law of the year.” I think Sam and Ginger may be jinxed. Oh, and did I mention it was their anniversary?!!!

There are many ways to define a legacy. I think Dictionary.com uses the perfect definition:
anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor

You’ll notice the definition says “anything.” The legacy of past generations includes victories and mistakes. At our “Classics at Callaway” event back in 2013, we chose to celebrate the positive aspects of the 1940’s. We would never downplay the tragedy that was WWII and the Holocaust. Instead, we paid homage to what we felt was the positive legacy of that generation.

We feel the same way about our “Peace, Love, & MG” event this year. We understand the the 1960’s were an emotionally charged time. My parents were military, and I remember sitting down to watch the return of the POWs. What our military endured was heartbreaking. As with every generation, the lessons can be hard. I believe part of the legacy of the 60’s is that in 2015, every time my father goes out with his USAF Ret. hat on, people thank him for his service. Yes, we’ve made mistakes, but we’ve learned. The tragedy would be ignoring these turning points in our history.
For this year’s event, we choose to celebrate exactly what the name says… Peace, Love, & MG.

Fondly, Beth