Happy Holidays!!! I hope your Thanksgiving brought great food, joyful gatherings, and wonderful memories. I spent my holiday at the beach and had the pleasure of a nostalgic ride in my dad’s TD.  I hope you took advantage of the perfect weather and took your MG out for a spin in the sunshine!

While we’ve taken December off from events, your new board is still hard at work getting ready for 2016. Our Treasurer, Ginger Zingales, assures us that we have sufficient funds in our bank account. Geoff Kent, our new mgTalk Editor, should provide some extremely entertaining reading material starting with the January issue. The 2016 Calendar is on our website and George Haldane, our new VP and event’s coordinator is looking for some volunteers to host a few events. Judy Rogers, our Secretary and Regalia chairperson, has new stock of those fantastic “Recycle” hats in all colors. They’ve been a huge hit with almost 30 sold so far!

As for me, I’d like to take a minute and thank last years outgoing board members. We’ll miss our VP Jim Mercure’s crazy antics but understand his hectic schedule as he works on the new Atlanta stadium. We’ll also miss the steady hand of our past president John Kreimer and hope his retirement from the board gives him ample time to get that TD running!

See you in 2016! Beth


2015 in Pictures


We applaud those who ventured out in the absolutely awful weather and attended the November Business Meeting and Natter ‘n Noggin at Mimi's Cafe.  During the meeting the following Officers were elected for 2016:

President - Beth Ehrie
Vice President - George Haldane
Secretary - Judy Rogers
Treasurer - Ginger Zingales
Editor - Geoff Kent
Registrar - Scott Sewell

Our new Vice President hit the ground running with an appeal to "think out of the box" for event ideas and event hosts. If you have any ideas for an event, Tech Session or other activity you would like to see or volunteer to Host, email George at VP@semgtr.org.


It's Renewal Time!


Can you believe that it's almost Thanksgiving? What a fantastic year 2015 has been! Don't miss a second of 2016...

Help keep Ginger, our SEMGTR Treasurer, somewhat sane by doing 2 things:

1. Renew early. Some folks just renewed a few months ago for 2015! This is a book keeping nightmare for poor Ginger!

2. Check to make sure you haven't already renewed! You wouldn't believe how many people renew twice. This is why Ginger already has some folks renewed for years!

From now until December 31 we will waive the online renewal service charge. If you've already paid and were charged the fee, we'll send you a nifty SEMGTR pin!

Here's the link to online renewal: Renew for 2016 Online


November 8th, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Mimi's Cafe, 1221 Ashford Crossing Atlanta, GA 30346

Come join us for this years election and pre-holiday social. Please make sure to RSVP if you are coming. We will have a private room once we reach at least 20 people and Mimi's will let us order from the regular dinner menu.

The election and voting will be held from 6:00-6:45 pm. Dinner and socializing after the election

After considerable arm twisting, the candidates on the ballot are as follows:
Editor: Geoff Kent
Registrar: Scott Sewell                                                                                                  
Secretary: Judy Rogers
Treasurer: Ginger Zingales
Vice President: George Haldane
President: Beth Ehrie

If you would like to run for a board position, you may throw your name in at the election meeting. If you would like to nominate someone else, please make sure they want the job first!!!

If you can not attend, please click the link https://form.jotform.com/52575677831164 and fill out the proxy form. It’s quick, easy, and helps us reach our required quorum for a valid election.


A Huge Thanks!


We're sending out a huge "Thanks" to everyone who helped make "Peace, Love, & MG" happen! Here's the whole crew at the Friday night event at The Big House.
One week to go... Preparations are in high gear, and we're pretty excited about all the groovy things we have planned!

For your own planning, when you arrive you'll need to check in at registration. Here are the times and locations:

  • Thursday, Oct. 15th - Registration will be open from 3:00-6:00pm in the hotel lobby behind the curved wall.
  • Friday, Oct. 16th - Registration will be open from 8:30-10:00am in the hotel lobby behind the curved wall.
  • Friday, Oct. 16th - Registration will be open from 3:00 - 5:00pm in the hotel lobby behind the curved wall.
  • Saturday, Oct. 17th - Registration will be open at Central City Park from 9:00-10:00am. The address is 153 Willie Smokey Glover Dr, Macon, GA 3120. Look for signs.

If you can't make one of those times, please let us know and we can make other arrangements.

See you next week...
We're only about week away from the hippest event of the season, so here are a few updates:

  • We encourage 1960's attire during any and all of the event, but the most appropriate time to return to your grooviest style from the past will be the Friday night event at The Big House. If dressing the part is your thing, we've attached a pdf from one of our attendees who has vintage clothing available.
  • There will be a BEST HIPPIE CAR Award at the Saturday Car Show in Central City Park. Magnets, decals, fringe, and dreamcatchers are encouraged!
  • If you ordered a T-shirt, we will automatically choose the design the applies to the car you've registered.

That's all for now... See you in October!